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Softball Field Information

Fields are available for select weekend tournaments please contact 
[email protected] for availability and pricing.

MYFCL has made our fields available for practice for the local Mercersburg youth baseball and softball teams at no charge.  

Please see availability below.  

In an effort to help our volunteers maintain the facility, we ask that you please do the following after your practice time:

  1. Drag the infield - a hand drag is available behind field 2 (please return to the same location after use).  Rakes are available in the shed door behind the concession stand - next to the fenced in electric boxes. (Please return to the same location after use)  *Grass Tball practice field excluded

  2. If you choose to use our bases, which are found in the base boxes behind each backstop, please return them to the box and replace the field plugs, before dragging the fields.  Our bases are set up at 60ft and 70ft.*Grass T ball practice field excluded

  3.  Please clean up any litter left behind by your team.  We have trash cans available at the concession stand and around the property.

  4. Please make sure the bathroom doors are securely closed before leaving and all water is turned off. 

  5. If you have a practice scheduled on Friday evenings on the following dates, please practice in the outfield only, as we will be preparing the infields for weekend tournaments.  (Friday March 17th, Friday March 31st, Friday April 28th, Friday May 12th, Friday June 16th)

  6. Wednesday & Thursdays are always unavailable for practice as we have games on all three fields those two nights. 




Field 1

MYB Blazers -C Stoner

MBSA - T Piper

Field 2

MYB 8U Makos

MBSA team

Field 3

MYB R. Leasure

MYB R Leasure

Backstop Grass field (Behind the outfield fence of field 3)

MYB J. Bair

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